How Can A Brand Monitoring Platform Help Your Business To Grow?

While you are reading this article, your customers are talking about you on online platforms. They are constantly sharing their thoughts about your products and service. Some are good, and some are bad. So, how should you react? What should be your ideal response, and most importantly, what are they talking about?

If you are also in search of the questions mentioned above, then online brand monitoring companies are for you. They will tell you what your customers are talking about, what are their sentiments behind this, and what should be your response to it.

Let’s have a look at how online brand marketing companies work and how can their assistance can help you.

What is online brand monitoring?

Brand Monitoring is the process to monitor the reputation, growth, and trends associated with a brand by tracking the mentions about that brand, its products, and services. It can be done from various channels such as blogs, social media, television, newspapers, etc.

In today’s era, where everybody is clinging on their phones and laptops, it is important to focus on the online mentions about your company. You can do this by online brand monitoring. It is the process to monitor the online mentions about your company, analyze them, and take actions accordingly.

How can online brand monitoring be helpful for your business?

Helps to know the customers better

Online brand monitoring techniques help to track the reviews and mentions made by the customer. You can see and hear what your customers are talking about you. Some of the tools also help you to know the sentiments and emotions behind such reviews. This helps you to respond to your customers carefully.

Puts an honest perspective in front

The previous marketing channels have been quite effective, but the aspect to explore the customer’s perspective was missing. Digital marketing platforms have solved this problem. Customers can easily reach out to companies through social media, emails, etc. This helps the companies to gain insights about their products and services.

Helps in measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

With the help of brand monitoring, you can measure the reach of your brand or campaign-specific hashtag. You can also see the number of impressions made by your social media posts and the number of people who have liked them. Brand monitoring helps you in assessing the results of your campaigns.

Helps in improving customer service

People often comment on the products and services on social media. It’s important to respond to their messages appropriately. You should handle such queries carefully because one wrong statement can put the reputation of your brand at risk.

Helps in monitoring your competitors

With the help of online brand monitoring, you can track the mentions of your competitors as well. It will help you to learn from their mistakes and make better strategies. Tracking their reviews can also open the door of opportunities for you. Their errors can be beneficial for the promotion of your products.

Improving your product

Your customers can leave some interesting insight about your product. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, and try to develop your product accordingly.  Their experiences can be beneficial for the development of your product because they are the ones who use the product.

Boosting your sales revenue

Online brand monitoring helps in tailoring the marketing campaign according to the customers’ needs. And a good marketing campaign often results in marketing success.

Brand marketing tools help you in generating valuable insights that can be helpful for the growth of the company. Such insights can help increase the loyalty of customers towards the company. These factors contribute to the goodwill of the company, which is beneficial in the long run.

Online brand monitor: A step to step guide

Here’s a step to step guide to ensure the best results for your company:


The first step in the process of brand monitoring is to track the presence of your brand on online platforms. You should interpret the interactions made by the customers and further classify them according to product or service.


After the classification of data, cluster the data under various sub-sections. This will help in identifying the sentiments or emotions of the customers regarding your brand, products, or services. It should be further organized in negative and positive reviews according to the company’s needs and requirements.


With a thorough analysis, detailed insights regarding the brand, products, or services should be generated. Appropriate action should be taken, and a periodic follow up should be done.

What should be monitored?

You must be confused about the data that needs to be monitored in the ocean of the Internet. Internet is full of useful and some not so useful information, if you are looking for the right indicators to be tracked then have a look below:

Track media mentions

You can easily track the mentions of your brand or products on social media. Every social media platform classifies its posts according to hashtags and tags. You can easily find the posts mentioning by simply typing the name of your brand in the search bar. Facebook and Twitter also provide you with data related to the hashtags, such as a number of posts, a number of likes, impressions made, actions are taken, trending, etc.

Track online mentions

Apart from social media, people also write reviews, blogs, and articles on online platforms. Any person, before buying any product, goes through these reviews. So, it’s important to track them and respond to such reviews and blogs carefully.

Mention of Board members and Directors

The Directors and Board members can influence the position of a brand in the market. Google simply increased the salary of Sundar Pichai when he was approached by other companies. Your management adds to the market value of your company. If your Directors or management is interactive with the customers and public, then it will surely help your brand to grow and maintain its position in the market.

Incoming links to your website

It is important to track the links to your website; it tells who is talking about your company and in what context.

Best Brand Monitoring Tools

Brand marketing tools collect data from various platforms such as websites, blogs, forums, social media sites, etc. These tools monitor some hefty data such as the volume of mentions, the sentiment of emotions, type and number of interactions, the context of a discussion, most active locations, etc. Here’s a list of some of the best brand monitoring tools:


Brandchirps is a robust and low-cost brand monitoring online tool and perfect for both small and large businesses. It is a very simple and easy tool to use. All you have to do is enter the keywords you want to monitor into the platform. Every time someone uses the mentioned keyword online, Brandchirps will alert you.

Brandchirps provides sentiment analysis, historical reporting, exporting of data, an API, analytics and reporting, as well as, multiple alerting options that other tools do not have. Fully functional, it can replace many brand monitoring tools at once.

Perfect for those looking to monitor social media, the web, and backlinks.

Plans start at $6.95 and $15.95 monthly.

Google Alerts

Google Alert is a free brand monitoring tool and perfect for new businesses. It is a very simple tool and easy to use. All you have to do is enter the keyword you want to monitor into the search bar and your email address. Every time someone uses the mentioned keyword online, Google Alerts will send you an email.

Google Alerts doesn’t provide you with any advanced analytics features, nor can you get any detailed report from this tool. It has a limited number of functions.


Brandwatch offers extensive data analytics and business intelligence. It is one of the most expensive brand monitoring tools available in the market. It also provides you with historical data relating to your keyword. You can also create dashboards, analyze the data, and visualize the results. You can get live data reports and real-time displays on your dashboard. It is suitable for large companies and enterprises.


It is considered one of the best social media management tools. You can even schedule your posts according to the traffic on social media with the help of Hootsuite. It can gather all the mentions about your brand online. So, it can be a great brand monitoring tool as well. Its subscription starts from $19 per month.


BuzzSumo has a subscription fee of $99 per month. It provides you with several features. You can get keyword, brand, and domain alerts. So, every time a piece of content is published with your keyword, you’ll receive a notification. You can also track the content of a specific author. It has a personalized dashboard and provides real-time notifications. You can filter the results according to your needs.

Social Mention

Social Mention is a free online brand marketing tool. It has an interface similar to Google Search Engine. You have to enter the keyword you want to track and select the source you would like to look into. The available list of sources includes blogs, microblogs, bookmarks, etc. It does not track social media mentions. It provides analytics relating to reach, sentiment analysis, top users, hashtags, sources, and keywords. Another drawback is that it doesn’t provide 100% accurate results.


Ahrefs is a search engine optimization tool that also offers brand monitoring services as well. It let you follow the backlinks to your websites. Its subscription starts from $99 per month. It also tells about your website’s overall position in Google searches.


If you are focusing on Twitter mentions, only then have a look at the TweetDeck. You can create a personalized dashboard. It allows you to follow hashtags and effectively take part in the conversation. It provides you with the live feed of your brand mentions. It is a free brand monitoring tool.


LexisNexis helps you in tracking brand mentions in broadcast and print media. It helps you in tracking the thousands of publications and analyzing the results.


It helps you in tracking the most important social media metrics, such as total impressions made, engagement, and total link clicks. It also monitors the performance of predefined keywords, hashtags, URLs, and mentions. It offers real-time monitoring and reporting. Keyhole’s subscription starts from $179 a month.

How can online brand monitoring companies help?

Online brand monitoring companies are those who provide brand monitoring services at a predetermined price. Now, you must be wondering why you should hire online brand monitoring companies instead of making an in house team? Well, below is the answer to your question:

Achieve the best brand internet monitoring

By hiring online brand monitoring companies, you can gain access to specialized expertise. Staff at these companies has more experience and knowledge. They know how to guide their clients. They assure better media coverage with the help of advanced search queries. They know which technique or metric is suited to which situation.

Helps in saving time

You can save your time by outsourcing the brand monitoring services. The experts will be able to do the task earlier than other people.

Lower cost

The development cost of the software is very high. If you are thinking of creating an in-house team, then it will cost a lot to your company. On the other hand, the developmental cost gets distributed across many clients in case of an outsourcing company. This will lower the expenses for your company.

Obtain objective analysis

In-house staff may reach to a biased conclusion because of their involvement with the campaigns and the team. An outsourcing company will provide a rational solution to your company by understanding the market, competition, and target customers.

Superior Technology

Online brand monitoring companies have the experience of years in developing the software according to the needs and requirements. Their technology will have the upper hand in terms of quality and performance. It can provide you with integrated analytics, customized dashboards, and easy-to-use interface. 

Integrated Metrics

These companies have integrated media monitoring solutions, which makes it easy to view and analyze the data. They combine the reports from social media, news, and websites and provide a single dashboard. They include the metrics and analytics for all the media types.

Better insights

The outsourced services provide a deeper set of analytics reports. As most of the in-house analysis teams use spreadsheets and other tools for analysis, whereas outsourcing companies can provide you with tailor-made software as per the needs and requirements.

To sum it up

In today’s era, most consumers rely on online platforms for product reviews. So, it makes it important for a company to keep an eye on what is being said about its product and the brand itself. Brand reputation is everything. It decides your customers’ loyalty and the position of your brand in the market as well. It is important that your consumers perceive you positively.

Brand monitoring is the practice to monitor and track the mentions of your brand in public. It can be done through digital, print, or broadcasting media as well. There are several tools that provide features to track your company’s mention on online platforms. The features include tracking keywords, brand’s mention, links to your website, etc. It also keeps a record of data relating to social media platforms such as total impressions made, number of posts made, number of likes, actions taken, etc.

It can be difficult and costly for the company to use such software and tools. In such cases, the company should approach outsourcing companies that provide quality services to your clients. There can be many advantages for outsourcing the brand monitoring service, such as access to specialized expertise, low cost, objective analysis, superior technology, integrated metrics, better insights, etc.

Outsourcing or making an in-house team can be an option, but ignoring brand monitoring is not. So if you have still not opted for any tool or outsourcing company, then hurry up. You definitely don’t want to miss out on what your consumers are talking about you.