All You Need To Know About Brand Monitoring Service

Brand monitoring is a process of deriving the results of your brand performance under one platform. As a brand, you have several online channels where you need to connect with your customers and spread your brand message.

However, it is a time-consuming process to check every social media channel and know what the public feels about you. Brand monitoring service is an analysis of your brand performance over the internet.

Using different brand monitoring tools, you can access different social media platforms that are associated with your business. Not only your performance but also your brand reputation can be measured with the help of these tools.

Studying Brand Awareness with Brand Tracking Tools

What a customer thinks about your brand is very important. The success and failure of a brand are based on the perception of your customers. This is why it is essential to know how your customers are reacting to your brand.

Through brand awareness, you can formulate the right marketing strategies which will help grow your brand. However, you cannot build good strategies without knowing the current health of your brand.

To know about the value of your brand, you will have to measure brand health. To do that, first, you have to know what brand health is and what the importance of measuring it is.

Studying Brand Health

Brand health is measuring the effectiveness of a brand at meeting its business goals. Studying brand health would help to determine this information and lead you to realize what the customers think about your brand.

Measuring brand health is based on certain criteria that match the business goals of your organization.

Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is the pattern of a customer to continue purchasing products from one brand instead of other competitor brands. Most of your business is derived from these brand-loyal customers. You must be able to retain these customers successfully.

The brand loyalty of the customers can be measured through their feedback. You can check what the customers are talking about your brand and if they are maintaining their purchasing habits. Most businesses do this in the form of feedback forms given to customers when they make a purchase.

Brand Recall

Brand recall is the recollection of the brand’s name by a customer when any product or service associated with the brand is mentioned. This is a qualitative factor that helps you understand how fast the customer can recall your brand’s name.

Many different ways can help increase the brand recall level. One such way is to spread several advertisements and posts related to your brand on different social media channels. You can take feedback from the customers regarding these advertisements and see the parts that the customers have found most attractive and can remember easily.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the familiarity that consumers have towards your products or services. This would help you with any new products or services that will be launched in the future. Moreover, customers will likely choose your brand over your competitors if they are aware of your brand.

Brand Associations

Consumers will associate your brand with either positive or negative thoughts, depending on your performance. For successful business growth, you will want your brand to only incur positive thoughts in the minds of the consumers.

A positive brand association means that consumers will think about purchasing products from your brand. Moreover, they will also help spread the word about the brand to their surrounding contacts.

Though there are several other parameters, however, you could use these four criteria to measure your brand health. Through brand monitoring service, you will be one step closer to making your customers happy.

Brand Tracking Tools for Measuring Brand Health

Your brand health can be measured with the help of brand tracking tools through certain parameters. To access these above-mentioned four criteria, there are certain areas that you have to keep on checking.

The results that you derive from these areas are the ones that will help to measure the four criteria and hence the brand health. Moreover, for a successful brand health measurement, certain features are required in your brand tracking tool.

Without these features, you would not be able to derive the desired results. Hence, whenever you think of opting for a brand monitoring service, make sure that you have the right tool to do so. If not, you would have to invest in better tools which provide the necessary features.

Keyword Monitoring

For companies who are new to the brand monitoring system, keywords are specific terms that are related to your brand. These terms could be anything starting from your brand name to the name of your marketing campaign.

These keywords are mostly used by your customers, people who are seeking to use your products or influencers. You can generate search results on different related terms to see whether the comments related to these keywords are positive or negative.

This is the most common way to monitor your brand’s reputation; hence, this feature is a must-have for any brand monitoring tool. For better results, you should put any misspellings of any of these brand terms.

Reputation Tracking

Your brand monitoring tool should be able to measure your brand’s reputation effectively. You must know about the unsatisfied customers for the betterment of your brand. Whether you choose to respond directly or work on your faults is your choice.

However, gaining this knowledge will save you from any future mistakes and help to make your customers happy. Moreover, reputation tracking should be available for all kinds of social media platforms.

Industry Trends

For your business to survive efficiently in this competitive market, you will have to know the industry as well as your competitors. Tracking your competitors is necessary, not to copy them directly, but to know their strategies.

You can learn a lot from evaluating the performance and strategies adopted by your competitors. These results could be used by your marketing team to form better strategies that would help attract new customers.

Sentiment Analysis

Yes, you heard it right; you can track and evaluate the customer sentiments related to your brand. These sentiments can be evaluated by using certain branded keywords associated with your brand name or your products and services.

Using brand monitoring tools, you can know whether the response of the consumer is positive or negative. Even responses that have a mixed tone should be detected through the monitoring tool.

You can use these monitoring features to generate the necessary results, which will help you make a strong business portfolio.

Brand Monitoring On the Internet for Reputation Management

There are broad aspects of brand monitoring that cannot be attained through simple ways. As already mentioned above, the main focus for brand monitoring would be on the four criteria, which are association, awareness, recall, and loyalty towards your brand.

All of these would lead to one major area, which is the reputation of your brand. Once you derive results of your brand reputation status, you will have to indulge in reputation management of your brand.

Address Criticism Publicly

The unhappy public will mention you in their posts and criticize your brand on public forums. This criticism will be seen and followed by several other people who will keep a lookout for the brand’s reaction.

Hence, to ensure that the public can see your activity, you will have to address these criticisms on the public forum as well. You can respond to unhappy customers and acknowledge their issue along with providing them with a solution.

If there is any common problem that is being faced by the customers, then you should put out a public word regarding the same. This public message will be updated on your social media handles as well as on any other media platforms.

Ask For Feedback

Feedback, whether good or bad, is necessary for your business. Without feedback, you will fail to understand where you stand in your performance. Hence, it is your duty as a brand to ask for feedback from your customers.

You can do this in several ways, such as by providing feedback forms, starting online polls, or even asking questions regarding your product or service on your social media accounts. Monitor and segregate this feedback to sort out the genuine ones.

Make sure you focus both on the positive and negative responses. The positive responses will provide you with insight into the areas that you are good at. On the other hand, the negative responses will show you the areas that you need to work upon.

Engage Your Audience in Activities

Though this might seem like a marketing strategy, it is also a very smart way to monitor your customers over the internet. You can start small activities or games to engage your customers. This will help you not only in getting the attention of the customers, but also to understand the demographics of the people who have engaged.

These activities will have to be in line with any of your products or services. You can track the number of people who have engaged in these activities. These are the target customers on whom you will have to focus on when planning your next marketing strategy.

Communicate With the Audience Directly

No brand is too good or high-end to speak to their customers directly. Customers can make or break a brand, hence it is essential that they feel a connection to the brand. This will help them continue their association with your organization.

Communication does not mean just addressing customer grievances. It also means maintaining a personal relationship with your customers. Your customers will appreciate this personal touch that you offer.

You can comment on different brand mentions that are positive. Make sure to be fun while communicating along with maintaining a professional manner in your response. Take out the time to reply to positive responses given by your customers.

When it comes to negative responses, do not avoid responding to your customers even if you have made a mistake. Acknowledge your mistake to the customer and show them that they are valuable to you.

Why Should You Monitor Brand Mentions?

Your customers would mention your brand or your products in their posts or reviews. These are brand mentions that will help you understand the position of your brand in the market. As a business, you need to monitor these mentions as a part of your brand monitoring service.

Monitoring your brand mentions would help you grow a community full of happy customers. Customers who are loyal to your brand can also become your brand ambassadors. They will help in spreading your brand name through their social media channels.

Furthermore, in case of any negative mentions, you can quickly take the necessary action. This way, you can turn an unhappy customer into a happy and loyal one. You will be able to save your brand from any potential crisis that might be caused by negative brand mentions.

Additionally, monitoring of brand mentions is essential when you are about to launch any new marketing campaign or even a new product or service. Through this, you will be able to measure the success rate of your campaign or your launched product.  

Need for Brand Research and Monitoring

If you are just learning about brand monitoring service, then you might be confused as to why you need to do it. Brand monitoring is a whole package that would help you grow your brand in the best possible way.

Learn About Your Market Impact

You might have a group of target customers, but do you know whether your target customers are happy with your brand or not. To know this, you need to monitor your target group and learn about their responses.

You have to listen and understand the need of your customers and work upon that. Search different social media platforms for any information related to your brand. By studying the posts and mentions of your brand name done by customers, you will be able to know the impact you have created.

Create Customer-Centric Strategies

You may come up with many smart marketing strategies, but they won’t be a success unless liked by your customers. Hence any strategy you create would have to be customer-centric. But how will you understand what your customer like?

To understand this, you will have to monitor the preferences and feedback of your customers. You can do this by gathering information about your strategies. Moreover, you can also get these insights from checking out the response that the public had given for your competitors.

You can look for any feedback that customers have already given to similar strategies such as yours. This way, you will get to know of the public will be able to accept the strategy that you are planning for your business.

Focus On Customer Retention

The best thing about brand research and monitoring is that you can focus on retaining your present customers. To become a successful business, you cannot forget the loyal customers while focusing on getting new ones. You must ensure that the present customers remain happy with your brand so that they do not leave.

To do this, you will have to keep tracking their movement and responses towards your brand. Monitor all your social media platforms for any grievances or feedback given by your loyal customers.

If there is an issue, you must try to solve it as soon as possible. Moreover, you should time and again give responses to positive feedback to show acknowledgment of your customers’ support towards your brand.

The most important thing is to turn your unhappy customers into loyal customers by addressing their problems. Make sure you are prompt in your response so that they understand your interest in keeping them happy.

Increase Your Sales

Businesses go through so much hard work and investment for one thing, which is to get sales. Whatever strategy you form is focused on increasing sales for your business. Hence, you need to use monitoring tools for the same purpose.

By using monitoring tools, you will have to track the areas and opportunities through which you can increase your sales. You can find out customers who are trying to buy your product or resellers with the same aim.

You can engage in conversations with potential customers to help them close the deal. Moreover, you can also focus on unhappy customers of your competitors. If you have a solution to their problems, you can attract their attention and get new customers.

Monitor Overall Brand Status

Apart from the above-mentioned areas, you can also conduct overall research related to your brand and the industry. You can keep yourselves updated about any latest changes that have emerged in the industry.

These updates would help you in your product and service formation and also in building new marketing strategies. Keep up to date about your brand performance and keep checking on your customers for information about your brand reputation.

You can also check if you are taking the right steps towards your brand awareness. Check for any feedback related to your earlier products and services. Also, ensure that you do not miss out on any genuine complaints that are done by your customers.

Moreover, you should also focus on the team that handles the marketing of your brand. This way, they will understand the necessities of the public and the industry. Keep team meetings where you share your insights with the employees. These insights will be important for them to form new strategies for your brand.

Summing Up

Brand monitoring service is required y your brand to ensure that you can fulfill your business goals. No matter what targets you have set up for your brand, it can be achieved with the help of brand monitoring.

Now you do not have to stay unaware of what is happening around you. In fact, you can get a thorough report of the same and use it to your benefit. You will know not only about your brand or customers but also about your competitors. You can now stay one step ahead of all of your competitors by using the insights effectively and forming strong marketing strategies. Come together with your marketing team to help build a stronger brand presence in the industry.