The reliable, cost-efficient, and simple brand monitoring software you’ve been looking for

“Easily obtain insights for spying on competitors, watching brands, link building, reputation management, and niche research instantly. Know what’s being said online so you can take control” – J. Greene

What Is Brandchirps?
A small company building software trying to help others scour the web for recent or updated mentions of keywords they want to monitor and track.

These could be your brand, a competitor’s brand, or just any term that interest you. Think of us as a brand monitoring service.

We find these mentions with our software and provide you the results so you can improve your bottom line.

Why Do You Need This?
I’ll tell you why I needed this same service first, in hopes you can see why you should want it too.

I wanted software that could reliably and completely scan the internet for mentions of my company’s brand name so I could react to both positive and negative news and conversations quickly.

Later, I learned to do the same for my competitor’s brand names to jump in and promote my brand based on their conversations. Basically, this was “competitor brand analysis“.

Currently, I track mentions of keywords in my industry to further expose my brand to even more potential customers.

Why Brandchirps Over Another Brand Tracking Software?
( similar to asking for a Brandmentions alternative or “Awario vs” type suggestions )

Good question.

Most other similar alternatives don’t monitor the whole web. Most will only monitor specific platforms like Twitter. We monitor the web and multiple social networks.

Many others will limit how many records they will pull for you every month ( 5 keywords, but only 3,000 records per month collected ). Our online brand monitor software does not limit the number of records we collect on your keywords.

A lot of them are very expensive ( starting at $99 a month vs our $6.97 a month ), don’t offer an API, or just don’t work very well. We offer plans starting at $6.97, and an API, and we ensure our service is easy to use & battle-tested to run daily.